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The southest city of Europe, the hottest city in Greece, the kingdom of tomato. Situated at the most narrow place of Crete between the two big mountains of east Crete Dikti and Thripti, with dozens of canyons, next to the biggest forest of Crete and many many beaches Ierapetra is the perfect place for cycling and family vacation all year round.


You are a road cyclists and you want to train yourself. You would like also to ride some easy off road sections to admire the nature and add some challenge in your training. A hardtail with lockout is the perfect bike for you. Connect different road sections and enrich your trainning programm.

Ai. Giannis- Kato Chorio

33Km - 731m

Uphill from the asphalt road to the beautifull village Agios Ioannis. Pass through a dirt road to the north side to the mountain and ......


You are a dedicated road cyclist. You love hard trainning on asphalt roads, ride long distances and climb great mountains. You hate dirt roads, mad and stones. You love your heart rate monitor and your power meter. You want to be the king of the mountain.

Males - Prina

64,5Km - 1240m

A road bike tour at the south slopes of Dikti mountains at some of the most beautifull villages of the area. Low traffic serpentine roads and challenging uphills.


110Km - 2020m

This climb from Kritsa to Katharo plateau is the greatest asphalt climb of Lasithi area and one of the most...

Istro - Prina

43Km - 795m



You love nature and you want to discover the best places off the beaten path. You do not care if you get muddy or dusty and you are happy when you ride small rocky trails and sinletrails. A mountain bike with quality equipment and tubeless tires is all that you need.

Thripti climb

26,5Km - 1520m

Take a deep breath and get ready for one of the greatest non stop off road climbs of Crete.Add 26,5 Km of downhill and you have an epic ride.